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Here you will eventually find pictures and specifications of most of the saws and saw guides I sell.

Perhaps the most useful pages, however, are the user guide showing how to get the best from your Z-Saw and my 2024 catalogue.

This is a bit of a work in progress, however, as I am in the throes of updating my website and making it viewable on smartphones and tablets.
Clicking on the links in the left-hand column should bring up relevant data in the right-hand column, and eventually all my current blades will be listed.

In the meantime click here for a pdf document showing all the blades in my store and the available handles for each of these.

Saw Guides

Videos showing all the saw guides in use (current and previous models), and demonstrating just how incredibly useful they can be, can be found on my Saw Guide Videos page.

Click on the links below for data about each type of guide.

Saw Guide Best

Free-angle Saw Guide

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating saw blades

Hand Saws

Blade changing and care

Piercing saws

Dozuki saws (backsaws)

Flush-cutting saws

Rip-cutting saws

Cross-cutting saws

Universal saws

Utility and specialist saws

Folding saws

Pruning saws

Saws for hardwood

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