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I have a whole new section in my website devoted to giving my customers more information about each of my saws: blades and handles. Unfortunately the page design is not likely to be mobile-friendly and may also not display well on smaller tablets.

From each of those pages you can click on an image to take you to a page devoted to that specific blade or handle. Pages devoted to a blade also identify all the handles which it will fit, and pages about handles list the blades which will fit them.
If you already know the name of a blade you can click on its underlined name in the list below to go to its dedicated page.

Hook-fitting saws

50128   Panel Piercing H-150 Video
50129   Dozuki H-150  
50130   Bamboo H-150  
50131   Panel Narrow H-240  
50134   Panel Wide H-240  
50135   Panel Piercing H-240 Video
50136   Dozuki H-240  
50139   Dozuki Wide H-240  
50152   Cross H-225  
50237   Handy Utility H-200  
50162   Rip H-250  
50163   Hardwood H-250  
50164   Cross H-250  
50165   Universal H-250  
50185   Cross H-265  
50186   Cross Convex H-265  
50187   Universal H-265  
50188   Huntley Oak Saw H-265  
50193   Bamboo H-270  
50170   Siding H-120  
50174   Utility Tapered H-180  
50177   Utility H-240  
50178   Utility Tapered H-240  
50181   Paiman H-240  
50244   HSS Paiman H-240  
50179   Utility Flush H-240  
50194   Utility H-300  
50198   Rip H-300  
50213   Cross Convex H-300  
50214   Universal H-300  
50236   Framing H-333  
50230   Framing H-273  
50221   Oricco Pruning H-210  
50223   Oricco Pruning H-240  
50224   Oricco Pruning H-270  


Screw-fitting saws

50011   Flush S-145 single Video
50034   Universal S-175  
50041   Double-edged S-250  
50065   Universal S-265  
50107   Compass S-80  
50108   Compass S-90  
50109   Compass S-150  
50110   Compass S-210  
8118-P24   Universal S-225  
8808-B15   Flush S-145 double Video
50031   Pruning PS-170  
50061   Pruning Fine PS-200  
50084   Pruning Medium PS-200  
50100   Pruning Coarse PS-230  


Pin-fitting saws

50121   Tuck-in fine P-210
50122   Tuck-in coarse P-210
50120   Tuck-in carpentry P-240
50123   Tuck-in coarse P-240


You can also download an overview of all blades together with the handles which fit each one in Excel or pdf format by clicking on the icons below.

(Excel file) (pdf)


Further information about saw guides

Mini saw guide

Datasheet   Video

Standard saw guide

Datasheet   Video

Free-angle saw guide

Datasheet   Video

There are several videos demonstrating the many uses of these saw guides, most of which are relevant for any of the guides although only one type is shown in the video. These are listed below: