Pruning saws

Oricco pruning saws

These saws have Teflon-coated blades for rust resistance, and can be locked in any position between fully open and fully closed. They are available in 3 sizes - 210, 240 and 270mm blade lengths - but all 3 have identical tooth patterns.

Scabbarded pruning saws

The 2 saws in this range which I stock are the FS-275 and the FS-240 shown below.

The main difference between these saws, apart from the 35mm difference in blade length, is the aggressiveness of their tooth patterns. The FS-240 has 10 TPI for fast but careful pruning, while the FS-275 is a seriously aggressive 7 TPI for when speed is the most important factor.


The final pruning saw is one which will fit any screw-fitting handle and is the PS-230 pruning . This blade has only 6 TPI so is another extremely aggressive saw.