Utility and specialist saws

Let's start with keyhole (or compass) saws, as there are no fewer than 4 of these in the Z-Saw range.

The first picture above shows the S-150 keyhole saw. The S-80 keyhole saw, S-150 keyhole saw and S-210 keyhole saw are meant for use with wood and boards. The right length of blade is really a matter of personal choice as all 3 have the same tooth pattern. The S-90 keyhole saw has a slightly greater kerf than the others and is actually intended mainly for use on plasterboard.


Next is the so-called Waistern group of saws. There are 3 blades in this group, all designed to be used with the stubby H-150 straight Handy handle shown in the images. They are Group D fitting blades, however, so will fit any of the wide range of Group D handles.

From the top these are the H-180 Waistern metal for iron and softer metals (but not steel), H-180 Waistern panel for pvc panels and H-180 Waistern wood saws.


The remaining utility saws are as follows:
H-120 Siding, a small blade for cutting PVC cladding and the like.

H-240 Utility tapered, a useful little saw for getting in to tight corners. Unfortunately these now have a minimum order of 60 items so I have decided not to continue selling them. I only have a few left in stock so please check in my shop: if they are no longer listed then they are gone.

H-240 Utility flush, also listed on the page for flush-cutting saws.

H-240 HSS Paiman, something like the Japanese equivalent of the hacksaw. This is the only blade in my shop capable of cutting steel.

All 3 of these saws are available with a straight wooden handle as well as the pistol-grip handle shown.


The final utility saw which I stock is the H-300 Utility, a larger saw for fast cutting of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metal. It is normally supplied with the pistol-grip handle shown but will also fit the long straight wood and aluminium handles for the other H-300 and H-333 blades.