Blades for reciprocating saws

Blade for bamboo (20104)

This sturdier saw blade with precisely ground teeth designed for harvesting bamboo can smoothly sever bamboo without tearing the outer fibres.

Blade Length: 210mm Pitch: 2.15mm (12 TPI) Thickness: 0.80mm

Pruning blade (20103)

Japanese tri-edged pruning saw teeth are designed for arborists and gardeners for pruning various trees extremely efficiently.

Blade Length: 210mm Pitch: 3.00mm (8 TPI) Thickness: 0.90mm

Blade for PVC (20102)

This thin flexible blade can be bent to cut protruding pipes or bamboos flush at surface level. It has triple-bevelled sharp teeth to prevent pipes or bamboos from tearing out.

Blade Length: 210mm Pitch: 1.50mm Thickness: 0.60mm

Blade for wall board (20101)

This thin saw blade is ideal for working in a confined space. The sharply-ground fore-teeth enable starting a cut in the centre of the board without pre-drilling and the extra teeth on the back of the blade allow for tightly-rounded corners as shown.

Blade length: 90 mm Pitch: 1.60mm Thickness: 0.90mm

Woodworking blade (20100)

This long thin saw blade is ideal for working in a confined space and the blade is flexible enough to be used bent. The teeth are fine but sharp so cut wood very fast yet leave a fine finish. The fore-teeth enable starting a cut in the centre of a board without pre-drilling.

Reviews from UK users have included: "The cut was exceptional" and "Fantastic cut top to bottom with very little wander - all my fault, not the blade!"

Blade Length: 210mm Pitch: 3.00mm Thickness: 0.90mm

While the blades above are sold singly, the following blades are sold in packs of 3

R-50 keyhole blade (20107)

A 50mm blade for reciprocating saws, double-edged to facilitate cutting curves. Ideal for plywood as well as thin timber.

Blade Length: 50mm Pitch: 1.60mm Thickness: 0.90mm

These demolition saws, in 2 different lengths, are both 1.25mm thick and are bi-metal blades with High Speed Steel teeth.

R-210 demolition blade (20105)

R-285 demolition blade (20106)