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If you are looking at this you presumably have a computer. If so you will probably have an inkjet printer. There is a good chance that your empty ink cartridges could raise money for deserving charities and save landfill site pollution. Recycle Printer Cartridges for Charity - Unlike many other collection projects, allows you to rest assured that your empty printer cartridges and old mobile phones are being used as effectively as possible to raise funds for charities. For more details please click here.

Lost your product key for your copy of Windows? Click here to recover it.

Reduce your heating costs

What to do with all of your offcuts, chippings, shavings and sawdust? This can be a bit of a dilemma, particularly if you are doing a lot of woodworking. If you try to burn the sawdust it generally just puts out the fire in a stove or fireplace, especially if you try to burn more than a handful at a time. Salvation is at hand, however, in the form of the Greenheart stove. Click here for more information.

Woodworking links

A site run by young woodworker James Mulvany who is passionate about the craft 
and has been enjoying it for over 4 years. His skills have lead him to write for nationally 
published UK magazine 'New Woodworking'.

A cornucopia of Crafts in the UK, with details of crafters, suppliers, craft guilds, organisations and forthcoming craft events.

Wooden Signs and wooden fire surrounds by Woodcott of Bath.

Click here for a huge range of fantastic hand-made wooden toys.

And finally if you have, or look after, youngsters with an interest in woodworking, I can thoroughly recommend the following pages: where projects are grouped by their suitability for different age groups and also where the author provides some useful information for beginners to woodworking as well as links to other useful sites.


I would like to thank the following people:

My wife Margaret (Maggie) for suggesting many of my projects and putting up with sawdust, wood chippings and inconvenience over many years, and for putting up with my being glued to my computer for days on end during the construction of this website.

The staff at Barnfield Technology Centre in Luton for their unending help and encouragement even when my ignorance led me to try something stupid...

My brother Gordon for helpful input (most of which I probably ignored) during the initial construction of this website. Visit Gordon here.

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