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These are among the projects that my customers have been kind enough to share with me.

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Timber-framed house extension by Paul Welters

Using a selection of pullsaws.

William's stool 

Using the mini guide.

Geoff's magnificent jig for the saw guide

Made for a free-angle guide.

David's gates

Made using pullsaws.

David's mammoth oak table

Using a selection of pullsaws.

Geoff's display table

Made using a free-angle guide.

Tony Vowell's boat

Using the H-300 universal saw.

Still on the nautical theme, Deek's skiff made with the free-angle guide.

David's curule chair

Cut with pullsaws.

Tony Espley's walking sticks

Tony uses a P-210 folding saw to cut the shanks.

David's table made from recycled desk tops

Using a selection of pullsaws.

Steve's toy collection

Steve used to use traditional saws to make these but is now a convert!

Reclaimed "orphaned" oak

Ron Hawkins makes a variety of items made with hardwood, normally oak, reclaimed from old furniture. Please have a look at a few pictures of his creations and the restoration (or should that be recycling?) process.

In case demonstration of the usefulness of the saw guides were needed, I have supplied a number of these to the Woodskills group at Cantraybridge College near Inverness, a specialist further education college for young adults with additional support needs. Clicking here or on any of the thumbnails below will take you to a page devoted to some examples of the work the students produce using saw guides. (And which you too could achieve even with limited woodworking experience or ability).


Some of my own projects:

Small projects

Larger projects

Major projects (although not so major as some of my customers' projects on the left!)

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