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A number of my customers have been kind enough to send me comments about the products they have bought and how they got on with them.
There is some feedback on my homepage and there are a few more comments below. The details in italics are of the saw and/or saw guide described.

Just to let you know my order arrived earlier today and I've tried it out and confirm that it's a fabulous bit of kit. I tried a few mitre cuts and got a better finish and accuracy as good as my panel saw that has a scoring blade with quality TCT, I'm well pleased. (free-angle saw guide and S-265 universal saw)

I have just bought one of your Japanese saws and I am very impressed, I was also impressed with the video of the saw with sawing guide. (H-265 universal saw)

My saw arrived safe and sound yesterday, it's a thing of beauty! (H-240 Dozuki saw)

Thank you very much for quick delivery. I appreciate that ,I'm sure I'm going to be your customer: just love good quality tools which these saws are. I do a lot of restorations and I think these Japanese saws are brilliant. (S-265 universal saw)

My tools arrived this morning as promised, and I have already given them a test run... What can I say, just “Wow”. I bought the guide principally to help me scarf joints, and I am not disappointed. I have just cut the most accurate scarf’s possible (in both timber lengths and plywood sheet), and am over the moon with the simplicity of the task now! I also wanted to comment on the excellent design and build quality of the saws and the guide. You can just tell when something is designed and built *right*, I have no doubt these will last a very long time. (free-angle saw guide, S-145 flush-cut saw and H-250 universal saw)

I recently ordered one of your saw sets and it arrived today. I want to tell you that I'm very pleased with it. The quality is excellent and the whole thing is reassuringly solid and substantial. It's always a bit of a risk ordering this type of thing over the internet based on a few pictures on a monitor but I'm entirely happy with the set you've supplied. I was surprised, in a good way, by how big the long handle is; easily large enough for two hands. The only drawback is that I will have to wait for my dad's birthday before I can borrow it from him! (woodworker saw set)

I want to let you know how much my father, a proper craftsman, has appreciated using the saw set I bought him last year. (with next order)

The saw and guide I recently purchased from you are astounding. The accuracy and ease of use are a revelation. The guide “oozes” quality and enables some interesting work. The saw looks like a toy but its capacity for work confirms its status as a serious tool. (free-angle saw guide)

I've just received the blade and I tested it in a rip cut. It is amazing. It cuts very fast and precise with a small amount of effort. (S-250 double-edged cross/rip saw)

These are beautiful saws and such a great system for replacing blades. (Ultimate saw set, mini saw guide, S-175 Dozuki, cross and hardwood blades, H-240 Paiman saw, S-90 compass blade and H-240 Dozuki saw)

I thought that I would drop you a line to say thank you for sending the Dozuki saw. I am very pleased with the saw, the accuracy and quality of finish is fantastic with Japanese saws. I use no power tools and have always been some what of a purist, only working with my old traditional British woodworking tools; I do have to say now - with the exception of Japanese saws (which I have now completely gone over to). (H-240 Dozuki wide saw)

What an impressive piece of engineering! (mini saw guide)

I only got round to using the general purpose slightly convex edged blade later in the job but it was really excellent. I used it for the shoulders of all the later tenons and if I managed to keep on my scribed lines I hardly had to touch up with a chisel at all. Thanks for suggesting them. (H-300 cross convex saw)

Just ordered a replacement blade from you as well as a smaller saw. My original 300 blade is still going strong, having done all the work on my boat build. Can't recommend your saws enough, in fact I wish I could afford a full set!

I also used my folding saw, the longer green one, extensively both on carpentry tasks and cutting overgrown hazel and holly about 6" in dia for fuel next year. I also cut up a pollarded ash tree that collapsed due to rot in the main trunk which was up to 10" in diameter. It is an excellent tool both very practical and the blade stays sharp for a long while. My French neighbour admired it so pointedly I shall buy one from you as a gift for him. (Oricco H-270 folding saw)

The other saw I have used a lot is the little one for cutting holes in a panel. It also cuts into the oak very well and with its tiny kerf was just spot on for awkward cuts in confined spaces. You might laugh to see it being used to alter a mortise on a 10 foot beam rather than in cabinet work but it was very handy. I have also used it grafting in pieces on old floor boards in my house of the 1830's. (H-150 panel piercing)

The Z-saw guide arrived safely earlier today. A nicely made piece of kit. Thank you for your excellent service (as always). Not sure when but I will be back! (Fixed saw guide)

I ordered a Huntley oak saw a while ago and naturally it has performed very well indeed. (H-265 Huntley oak)

If I might say so, the Japanese saw I bought from you a couple of years ago, together with the saw guide, has proved invaluable. (Free-angle saw guide)

Items were received soon after order and are proving extremely useful! (Free-angle saw guide)

I’ve been using pull saws for many years. I’ve tried a few other brands but I have to say the universal S-265 is for general carpentry the best I’ve had . As a working carpenter my saws get hard use , the 265's longevity is outstanding and even now surprises me. (S-265 universal)

A Big Thank You for this superb saw. I bought it to cut accurate plastic parts for the robot I am building and it is far better than I expected and performs beautifully. I would recommend it to any DIY or Model Makers. (H-150 handy craft)

Although I have been very pleased with the saws I had earlier, this latest one is brilliant. I have been waiting to use it and it has exceeded my high expectations. (H-265 Huntley Oak)

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