Crosscut saws

The image above shows the 3 types of blade available for cutting timber. A crosscut saw is designed for cutting across the grain of the timber, will be OK on slant cuts and will struggle with rip cuts. A ripsaw is great for cutting with the grain, but very poor in the other directions. Universal blades are designed to cope with all 3 types of cut, but do not do quite as well as the specialist blades.

Z-Saw make a wide range of crosscut saws. 3 of these are in the Group D category, which has the widest range of blade and handle options.

H-250 crosscut

Quite a fine cut at 18TPI.

H-265 crosscut

A coarser (but still very fine by Western saw standards) and faster-cutting saw with 14TPI.

H-265 cross convex

A similar cut to the previous saw, but with a convex blade.

There is a larger and slightly thicker convex crosscut blade (which therefore needs a different type of handle), the H-300 cross convex blade.

Last, but by no means least, comes the traditional Japanese double-edged saw. The S-250 double-edged shown below has crosscut teeth on one edge and rip cut on the other edge. Extremely useful, but care clearly needs to be taken as there is always a naked blade facing upwards.