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Welcome to the UK home of the fantastic saws made by Japan's top saw maker, Z-Saw. Here I hope you will find inspiration for many different woodworking projects you may find interesting, from the simple to complicated, together with a wide range of saws to help you do the job.
My range of saws includes saws for rip-cutting (with the grain of the wood) and cross-cutting (at 90 degrees to the grain) as well as universal saws which will cut wood in any direction. I also have saws for cutting green timber, metal and plastic, so whatever your project you are likely to find a suitable saw in my shop here. To save time perusing the shop you can also download a catalogue of my Z-Saw stock by clicking here.

If you are new to Japanese saws you may find the video below to be a very helpful introduction. The video was created by Rajeev Fernando of Ebonisto.com in Australia, and all the saws he demonstrates are made by Z-Saw except the last one (the azebiki). Thanks to Rajeev for permission to share his excellent video.

I also stock both the Z-Saw saw guides which are ideal replacements for the traditional mitre box, as they cut consistently at the set angle without the blade cutting into the guide and spoiling its accuracy. One cuts consistently at 45 or 90 degrees and the other is freely adjustable to cut between ± 45° in both the vertical and horizontal planes, and is therefore superb for compound mitres.

Rajeev (mentioned above) has also prepared a great video showing how the free-angle saw guide has taken over from his Makita powered chop saw for 90% of his jobs. My thanks to him again.

Some feedback from my customers:
“Awesome is not too strong a word for the way it cuts. ”

Daniel M.  (Huntley Oak saw)

“That saw has performed miracles and made me a God amongst ordinary people in that time!”

Mick O.  (S-265 universal)

“I have received my saw this morning and it is amazing, it is a pleasure to use. ”

Steve E.  (S-250 double-edged)

“Kargoyu aldım 😊 Teşekkür ederim 😊 Çok mutluyum”
(I've received the package 😊 Thank you 😊 I'm very happy)

Kemal T.  (H-240 Dozuki)

“Easy to use, superb value for money, quick to deploy, lighter and less stressful than the power option. At this price we doubt there is another kit out there, either hand or power, capable of delivering such superb results with such flexibility of application. If your budget only allows one saw and you have just started out in boatbuilding, buy this kit. 10/10”

Barnacle Bill magazine  (Free-angle saw guide)

"I find their very thin kerfs particularly useful. They also appear to cut faster than Western saws and retain their sharpness for longer."

Furniture And Cabinet Making Magazine
(A range of saws reviewed in issue 147)

"I have to say it is the best pruning saw I have used"

Paul W.  (FS-275 pruning saw)

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Unfortunately my prices have had to increase, as I can no longer absorb factory and shipping price increases or the fall of Sterling against the Yen. Most of the increases are quite small but there is apparently a worldwide shortage of rattan (the cane wrapping used on a number of wooden handles) and as a result the affected handles have increased sharply in price. There are new versions of the long-backed handles, using less or no rattan, available at lower prices.

There is good news as well, however, as follows:
🪚 I have a fantastic offer (for the first 50 customers) of a free double-edged flush-cut saw and spare blade worth £32.40 with orders over £84 including VAT. Click here for details.

🆕 Some new utility saws for 2024 can be found here.

🪚 There are several new offers in my Bargain Basement.

💷 PayPal pay in 3 instalments is now available for orders over £30.

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