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Welcome to the UK home of the fantastic saws made by Japan's top sawmaker, Z-Saw. A selection of these products can be seen in a slide show towards the bottom of this page.

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(More comments can be found on my feedback page.)

  • "I find their very thin kerfs particularly useful. They also appear to cut faster than Western saws and retain their sharpness for longer."

    Furniture And Cabinet Making Magazine
    Reviewed in issue 147
  • "My saw arrived safe and sound yesterday, it's a thing of beauty!”
    Kier T.
    H-240 Dozuki
  • “much more accurate than my table saw and such a smooth finish.”

    Free-angle saw guide
  • “What can I say, just “Wow”. I bought the guide principally to help me scarf joints, and I am not disappointed. ”

    Alex S.
    Free-angle saw guide
  • “I can't recommend your saws enough, in fact i wish I could afford a full set!”

    Tony V.
    H-300 universal
  • “I use the saws for cutting shanks for my walking sticks.

    They are brilliant.”

    Tony E.
    P-210 coarse
  • “Awesome is not too strong a word for the way it cuts. ”

    Daniel M.
    Huntley Oak saw
  • “that saw has performed miracles and made me a God amongst ordinary people in that time!”

    Mick O.
    S-265 universal
  • “I have received my saw this morning and it is amazing, it is a pleasure to use. ”

    Steve E.
    S-250 double-edged
  • “ Kargoyu aldım 😊 Teşekkür ederim 😊 Çok mutluyum ” (I've received the package 😊 Thank you 😊 I'm very happy)

    Kemal T.
    H-240 Dozuki
  • “Easy to use, superb value for money, quick to deploy, lighter and less stressful than the power option. At this price we doubt there is another kit out there, either hand or power, capable of delivering such superb results with such flexibility of application. If your budget only allows one saw and you have just started out in boatbuilding, buy this kit. 10/10”

    Barnacle Bill magazine
    Free-angle saw guide