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One of the projects undertaken using Z-Saws

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Geoff's reclaimed display table

Here is Geoff's own description of the project:
"The saw and guide I recently purchased from you are astounding. The accuracy and ease of use are a revelation. The guide “oozes” quality and enables some interesting work. (See pictures). The saw looks like a toy but its capacity for work confirms its status as a serious tool.

I have included some pictures of the project that prompted the purchase. The capacity was beyond both my table and radial arm saw. Of particular interest are the feet (See picture).

Each one entailed thirty-two separate cuts. The head took six cuts.

The piece was spotted in an up market reclamation yard and is, I suspect, of Indian or South Asian origin. I have no idea what its original function was. When we saw it it was being used as a display bench for plants. My wife will use it for a similar purpose and with the addition of a tray, yet to be made, as a potting bench."

Nice job, Geoff, and thanks for sharing it.

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