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<< Cabinetmaking saw for hardwood >>
Designed for cross and slant cutting of hardwoods such as oak, beech, sycamore etc.
Spec. Blade
Pitch Thickness Kerf Surface
(mm) 265 1.75 0.60 0.92 Oil Coated
(inch) 10.43 0.069 0.024 0.036
Group D  
* Impulse hardened high quality sharp teeth are designed for long-lasting great performance.
* Developed specially for the European market for cutting our standard hardwoods such as oak.
* The brief was to design a blade specifically for a quality of cut suitable for furniture making, and the UK consultant after whom the blade is named, is Michael Huntley. Michael runs the Huntley School of Woodworking and is a furniture restorer and former editor of Furniture and Cabinet Making Magazine.
* Easy blade replacement with one simple tap.
* Thin blade and perfectly ground teeth are ideal for fine detail cutting leaving an incredibly smooth cut surface.
Since the saw teeth are very sharp, we recommend that you wear gloves or wrap the blade with something (a cloth or towel or its cardboard sleeve) when replacing the blade.
Attachable handles for 50188. (Group D)