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So what can you do with a Japanese saw or saw guide?

Some of my customers have been kind enough to give me feedback on what they have done with their saws and guides and how they have increased the functionality of the guide, and have also agreed to share these with you. Here are the first few. Please click on the description to go to that page.

Timber-framed house extension by Paul Welters

Using a selection of pullsaws

William's stool

Using the mini guide 

Geoff's magnificent jig for the saw guide

Made for a free-angle guide

David's gates

Made using pullsaws

David's mammoth oak table

Using a selection of pullsaws

Geoff's display table

Made using a free-angle guide

Tony Vowell's boat

Using the H-300 universal saw

David's curule chair

Cut with pullsaws

Still on the nautical theme,

Deek's skiff made with the free-angle guide

Tony Espley's walking sticks

Tony uses a P-210 folding saw to cut the shanks

David's table made from recycled desk tops

Using a selection of pullsaws 

Steve's toy collection

Steve used to use traditional saws to make these but is now a convert!


You can also see a few of my own projects, some of which pre-date my discovery of Japanese saws, on the following pages:

Small projects

Larger projects

Major projects (although not so major as some of my customers' projects above!)